Knottable Necklaces - Express yourself with bendable necklaces


Thick silver knottable necklace twisted
Classic Silver Knottable Necklace

Bendable Necklaces?

Knottable Necklaces are thin, flexible necklaces that are stiff enough to hold their shape. Each necklace can be quickly twisted into a variety of designs. Fashionable and fun.

Classic Silver
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Caramel Knottable Necklace
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Charcoal Knottable Necklace
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Amber Knottable Necklace
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Calico Knottable Necklace
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Silver & Black Knottable Necklace
Silver & Black
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Thick Silver Knottable Necklace
Thick Silver
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Knottable Necklaces are all 5mm wide (with the exception of the Thick Silver, which is 8mm wide). They are all about 17 inches long, which means a circumference of 34 inches if you opened them up and made a circle from them.

Perfect gifts

Knottable Necklaces make great gifts because they fit any personality and sense of style. Whether you're giving them to your mother, your daughter, your bridesmaids or yourself these bendable necklaces are sure to be a hit.

What are people saying?

"I get compliments every time I wear it!"
- Caroline P.

"My daughter uses hers as a 'desk toy' to occupy nervous hands while on the phone and the other uses hers as a bracelet."
- Francine E.

"I've gotten so many compliments on my Black & Silver Knottable Necklace. It's like having a whole set of necklaces in one. Everyone wants to make their own designs with it!"
- Rosanne P.

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